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Nakota (Assiniboine) Vocabulary and Phrases 
Year: 2017 
Call No: PM987 C217 M339 2017 
The Frog Lake "Massacre" - Personal Perspectives on Ethnic Conflict 
Year: 1976 
ISBN: 0771097972 
Call No: FC 3215 F92 C1 
Traditional Medicines  
Call No: E99 M49 G30 c.1 
Reconciling Sovereignties: Aboriginal Nations and Canada 
ISBN: 0888805772 
ISBN 13: 9780888805775 
Series: Sovereignty / Traditional Governance  
Call No: KE 7709 H64 2012 c1 
Chief Josephè 
Handbook of Indians of Canada 
Call No: E 78 C2 H6 c2 
Facts Respecting Indian Administration  
Call No: E 92. C21 c. 1 aa 
Saskatchewan Indian Education Act (1984) 
Year: 1984 
Call No: LC 2629 F31 1984 c3 
Grasshopper, Ant, and Mosquito Go Hunting 
Year: 1977 
Series: CH, Legends, Storytelling 
Call No: E98 F6 H84 c1