The sweet grass lives on : fifty contemporary North American Indian artists

Jamake Highwater ( Highwater, Jamake )
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Indigenous art -- North America 
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"Jamake Highwater, award-winning writer and cultural critic, has created in this lavishly illustrated volume a unique introduction to the magnificent achievements of 50 contemporary North American Indian artists. Including 64 color reproductions and 150 black-and-white illustrations of both paintings and sculptures, this representative anthology makes visible the fine art of Native Americans in all its richness and diversity. Designed as the companion volume to his earlier and highly successful Song from the Earth, which surveyed the history of American Indian painting, The Sweet Grass Lives On opens with a brief history of art in North America during the last century and defines the effects of the invading Anglo culture on developing Native artistic trends. The author contrasts Western concepts of art with those of Indian culture and reveals how the continuing interaction between the two cultures has made it possible for Indian artists to explore and improvise upon their heritage and integrate it with modern-day experiences — with exciting results.

Most of the book is devoted to the presentation of the 50 Indian artists and their works, and includes brief, informative biographies of each. "Indians are not interested in appearances but in essences," the author points out, and the second section visually elaborates how Indian artists transform their visions into artistic expression. Included here are the works of such well-known artists as Allan Houser, Fritz Scholder, T. C. Cannon, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, James Havard, Alfred Young Man, Linda Lomahaftewa, George Morrison, R. C. Gorman, and Norval Morrisseau.

As a recognition of American Indian art grows within traditional fine-art circles, this volume will make this important subject more easily accessible to art lovers everywhere. Jamake Highwater, of Blackfeet/Cherokee heritage, is recognized as a major commentator on the arts, and his writings on music, theater, dance and painting have won him wide regard. He is currently involved in the production of a major PS-TV series on American Indians. He is the author of numerous books including Journey to the Sky, Anpao (winner of the Newbery Honor Award), Many Smokes, Many Moons, and most recently, The Sun, He Dies."--Book jacket. 
192 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 32 cm. 
Biblio Notes
Alvin Eli Amason --
Robert Annesley --
Samuel Ash --
Asa Battles --
Jackson Beardy --
Delmar Boni --
Bennie Buffalo --
T. C. Cannon --
Don Chunestudey --
Dawakema (Millard Lomakema, Sr.) --
Phyllis Fife --
Harry Fonseca --
Carl Gawboy --
Bill Glass, Jr. --
Ric Glazer --
Henry Gobin --
R. C. Gorman --
Ha-So-De (Narciso Abeyta) --
James Harvard --
Jaon Hill --
Homma (Saint Clair Homer II) --
Rance Hood --
John Hoover --
Allan Houser --
Oscar Howe --
Doug Hyde --
G. Peter Jemison --
Goyce and Joshim Kakegamic --
Yeffe Kimball --
King Kuka --
Frank Lapena --
Harold Littlebird --
Linda Lomahaftewa --
Lomawywesa (Michael Kabotie) --
George C. Longfish --
Donald Montileaux --
George Morrison --
Norval Morrisseau --
Dan Namingha --
Michael Naranjo --
Neil Parsons --
Carl Ray --
Richard Ray(Whitman) --
Kevin Red Star --
Allen Sapp --
Fritz Scholder --
Juane Quick-to-See Smith --
Billy Soza War Soldier --
John J. Wilnoty (Wilnota) --
Alfred Young Man.  
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