People of Native ancestry : a resource guide for the primary and junior divisions

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Indigenous peoples -- Canada -- Study and teaching 
"Basic principles of primary-junior education as they pertain specifically to people of native ancestry in Ontario are elaborated in this resource guide. Intended for both native and non-native teachers, principals, and administrators responsible for curriculum for children of native ancestry and others, its aim is to help in development of a stronger curriculum based upon experience of the children. Through more realistic units on native peoples, the resource guide maintains that the native child's self-image can be strengthened and community wide appreciation of original Canadian people fostered. Pointing out the importance of considering the native child's family, community, economic activity, and self-image in planning curriculum content, a discussion on curriculum also includes activities which teachers of non-native primary students can use in units about native peoples, a teacher checklist for curricular activity planning, and the need to examine curriculum within the context of each community. Sections on environmental studies, the arts, and communications (Ontario primary-junior curriculum categories) offer information relevant to teachers of native children. A brief history of native education in Ontario, a glossary, and a confederation lament by Chief Dan George presented in English, Mohawk, Ojibway, and Cree languages is given." -- 
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Confederation lament --
Mohawk translation --
Ojibway translation --
Cree translation --
preamble --
learning and the learner of Native ancestry --
Native child and his family --
Native child and his community --
Economics and native people --
Native child and his image --
Curriculum about native peoples --
Curriculum for native children --
Teacher's checklist: Questions to ask when planning a curricular activity --
Range of the curriculum --
Environmental studies --
Communications --
Arts --
Appendix A: Brief history of native education in Ontario --
Appendix B: Clarification of terms --
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