Discussion paper on the nationhood claim of the Metis

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"The question of Canadian Nationhood is one which is very much in the news these days because of the potential threat of Quebec Independence. The Quebec Independence claim is based on the French Canadian claim to sovereignty and nationhood and the belief that these two objectives cannot be safeguarded within the present Canadian Federation.

In 1869 when the question of the transfer of Rupertsland to Canada became a distinct possibility, the Metis people of the area also became concerned about their nationhood rights. It is, therefore, well to establish initially what people are speaking of when they see themselves as a nation and claim for themselves nationhood rights."--Introduction. 
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Introduction --
The origin of the Metis people --
The development after 1760 --
The Hudson Bay Company : Northwest rivalry and merger : Its impact on the Metis --
The period from 1821 to 1869 --
The Rupertsland transfer --
The Metis claim to nationhood and the resistance to the transfer --
The provisional government --
The list of rights --
The negotiations at Ottawa --
The major barrier in negotiations : control of land and reserves --
The Manitoba Act --
Events following the entry of Manitoba into Confederation --
Appendix A. Copy of the laws and regulations established for the colony of St. Laurent on the Saskatchewan --
Appendix C. List of rights --
Appendix D. List of rights --
Appendix E. The Journal of Rev. N.-J. Ritchot, March 24 to May 28, 1870 [from "Manitoba: The Birth of a Province" ed. W.L. Morton]  
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