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Indian Tribes of Mexico, Central America and the West Indies 
Year: 1911 
ISBN: 0846600870 
ISBN 13: 9780846600879 
Series: Anthropology 
Call No: F1434 S9 1966 
Our Grandmothers's Lives as Told in Their Own Words - kôhkominawak otâcimowiniwâwa s:  
Year: 1992 
Series: Elder's Teachings 
Call No: E99 C88 K65 c2  
The Knowledge Seeker: Embracing Indigenous Spirituality 
Year: 2016 
ISBN: 088977417X 
ISBN 13: 9780889774179 
Series: Elders Teachings 
Call No: E99 C88 S76 2017 c3 
Looking for Aiktow: Stories behind the history of the Elbow of the South Saskatchewan River 
Year: 2014 
Series: Sacred Sites 
Call No: FC3549 E3 S64 2014 
Dakota and Lakota Traditional Food and Tea 
Year: 2011 
Series: Dakota 
How the Mouse Got Brown Teeth 
Year: 1988 
ISBN: 0920079407 
ISBN 13: 9780920079409 
Series: Children's Literature 
Call No: E99 C88 H69 c2 aa 
They Knew Both Sides of Medicine: Cree Tales of Curing and Cursing Told by Alice Ahenakew (Algonquian Text Society) 
Year: 2000 
ISBN: 0887556493 
ISBN 13: 9780887556494 
Series: Cree 
Call No: REF PM989 A445 A74 2000 c1 
Elijah: The Story of a man who changed the face of Canadian history by simply saying "no" 
Year: 2007 
Series: DVDs  
Towards a New Past, Vol. 1 - Sweet Grass Transcripts 
Year: 1975 
Series: local history 
Call No: E99 C88 S3 c1 1975 
posâkanacîwiyiniwak: nitaskînân The Touchwood Hills People: Our Land 
Edition: 1St Edition 
Year: 2019 
Series: Elders Teachings 
Call No: E78 P22 N32 T9 2019 c2