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Bella Coola Ceremony and Art 
Year: 1975 
Call No: E 99 B39 S86 c1 
Contributions to Anthropology VII: Archaeology and Physical Anthropology 
Year: 1971 
Series: Archaeology 
Call No: QH 1 C13 No. 232 c2 
Oowekeeno Oral Traditions As Told by the Late Chief Simon Walkus Sr. 
Year: 1982 
Series: PUEBLO 
Call No: E 99 O68 W35 c1 
People of Tetlin, Why are You Singing? 
Year: 1974 
Series: Anthropology 
Call No: E99.T187 G82 
Six Chapters of Canada's Prehistory 
Year: 1976 
Series: Archaeology 
Call No: E78.C2 W944 
The Individual in Northern Dene Thought and Communication: A Study in Sharing and Diversity 
Year: 1977 
Series: Dene 
Call No: E 99 T56 C48 c1 
The Palaeoeskimo Occupations at Port Refuge, High Arctic Canada 
Year: 1979 
Series: INUIT 
Call No: E 99 E7 M32 c1 
The Shield Archaic 
Year: 1977 
Call No: E 78 C2 W94 c1 
The Trappers of Patuanak: Toward a Spatial Ecology of Modern Hunters 
Year: 1980 
Series: Hunting 
Call No: E 99 T56 J28