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1885 and After: Native Society in Transition 
Edition: First Edition 
Year: 1986 
ISBN: 0889770425 
ISBN 13: 9780889770423 
Series: MeĢtis 
Call No: F 1060.9 E43 c. 3 aa 
A Basic Call to Consciousness: The Hau de no sau nee Address to the Western World 
Year: 1978 
Series: Elder's Teachings 
Call No: E 98 R3 B36 c2 
A Century of Dishonor: A Sketch of the United States Government's Dealings with Some of the Indian Tribes 
Year: 1964 
Series: Treaties 
Call No: E 93 J13 c2 
A Comparative Study of Oklahoma Bureau of Indian Affairs and Tribal Contracted Social Service Programs Under Public Law 638 (Indian Self-Determination and Educational Assistance Act of 1975) 
Year: 1989 
Series: Sociology 
Call No: E 98. S7 D29 c. 1 aa 
A Northern Dilemma: Reference Papers 
Volume: 1 
Year: 1967 
Series: Sociology 
Call No: E 78 S25 D26 v2 c1 
A Summary and Review of Research Findings Regarding the Rights and Claims of the Non-Status Indian Peoples of Saskatchewan 
Year: 1980 
Series: Treaties 
Call No: KE 7718 M26 
Accounting For Genocide: Canada's Bureaucratic Assault On Aboriginal People 
Year: 2003 
ISBN: 1552661032 
ISBN 13: 9781552661031 
Series: Government Relations 
Call No: E 92 N48 2003 c2 
American Indians Today: Issues and Conflicts 
Year: 1987 
ISBN: 0531103250 
ISBN 13: 9780531103258 
Series: Sociology 
Call No: E 98 S67 H37 1987 
And Still the Waters Run: The Betrayal of the Five Civilized Tribes 
Edition: Second 
Year: 1972 
ISBN: 0691046158 
ISBN 13: 9780691046150 
Series: Historical Geography 
Brief [of the] Laurentian Alliance of Metis & Non-Status Indians Inc. (Quebec) Presented to the Government of Quebec 
Year: 1975 
Series: Metis 
Call No: FC 126 L37 c1