Making space for Indigenous feminism (2nd edition)

Joyce A. Green ( Green, Joyce A. )
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"The 2007 first edition of this book proposed that Indigenous feminism was a valid and indeed essential theoretical and activist position, and introduced a roster of important Indigenous feminist contributors. The book has been well received nationally and internationally. It has been deployed in Indigenous studies, law, political science, and women and gender studies in universities and appears on a number of doctoral comprehensive exam reading lists. The second edition, Making More Space, builds on the success of its predecessor, but is not merely a reiteration of it. Some chapters from the first edition are largely revised. A majority of the chapters are new, written for the second edition by important new scholars and activists. The second edition is more confident and less diffident about making the case for Indigenous feminism and in deploying a feminist analysis. The chapters cover issues that are relevant to some of the most important issues facing Indigenous people--violence against women, recovery of Indigenous self-determination, racism, misogyny, and decolonisation. Specifically, new chapters deal with Indigenous resurgence, feminism amongst the Sami and in Aboriginal Australia, neoliberal restructuring in Oaxaca, Canada's settler racism and sexism, and missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada"--Provided by publisher. 
xvi, 328 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 23 cm. 
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1 Taking More Account of Indigenous Feminism: An Introduction / Joyce Green
Indigenous Feminism
Colonialism and Patriarchy
The Transformative Potential of Feminism
Reclaiming and Renewing Traditions
Feminism and Liberation
2 Being Indigenous Feminists: Resurgences Against Contemporary Patriarchy / Gina Starblanket
Contextualizing Indigenous (Feminist) Resurgence
Resurgence and Cultural Memory
Gender on the Ground
Everyday Acts of Resurgence
Being Indigenous Feminists
Feminism Is for Everybody: Aboriginal Women, Feminism and Diversity / Verna St. Denis
Aboriginal Women's Critique of Feminism
4 My Hometown: Northern Canada, South Africa / Emma LaRocque
5 Being an Indigenous Women Is a "High-Risk Lifestyle" / Mary Eberts
Policing and (In)Justice
Violence by State Actors
The Ultimate Objectification
The Indian Act
"To Be an Indian Is to Be a Man"
Married Women on Reserves
The Drive for Reform
Finally, Change — or is it?
Regulating Women (Not) Declaring Paternity
Another Round of Litigation
High-Risk Lives
6 Politics of Gendered Violence in Indigenous Communities / Rauna Kuokkanen
Indigenous Women in Canada
Sámi Women
Silencing and Distorted Practices
7 Métis and Feminist: Contemplations on Feminism, Human Rights, Culture and Decolonization / Emma LaRocque
8 Deploying and Disputing Aboriginal Feminism in Australia / Megan Davis
The Bell/Huggins Debate
Rave over Gender
Northern Territory Emergency Response
Exploring the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody
Land Rights in Australia and Canada
A More Nuanced Gendered Approach to Self-Determination
9 ReBalancing Strategies: Aboriginal Women and Constitutional Rights in Canada / Joyce Green
Confronting Colonial Power Relations
Engaging the Constitution
Charter Litigation for Aboriginal Women
From Equality to Decolonization
10 Spare a Thought for Métis Women Elders: Illness and Poverty in Elderhood / Diedre A. Desmarais
Colonial Destruction of Indigenous Particularity (Theory Weds Empirics)
Excavating Métis Health Data
Hearing the Voices of the Elders
Other Métis Women
Illness and Poverty
Being Elderly, Métis and a Women
11 The State is Not a Saviour: Indigenous Law, Gender and the Neoliberal State in Oaxaca / Isabel Altamirano-Jiménez
Indigenous Normative Systems and Gender
Recognizing Rights/Alienating Land
Women' Rights and "Traditions" in Oaxaca
Indigenous Women's Politics
Unsettling the State as Women's Saviour
12 "Empowerment, Revolution and Real Change": An Interview with Fay Blaney / Fay Blaney and Sam Grey
13 Perpetual State of Violence: An Indigenous Feminist Anti-Oppression Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls / Robyn Bourgeois
An Indigenous Feminist Anti-Oppression Framework
MMIWG: The Scope of a "National Tragedy"
State of Perpetual Violence
The Violence of the Indian Act
Human Trafficking and Extermination
The Injustice System
Colonizing Indigenous Women's Resistance
14 Looking Back, Still Looking Forward / Shirley Green
15 Colleen Glenn: A Métis Feminist on Indian Rights for Indian Women / Colleen Glenn with Joyce Green
16 Culturing Politics and Politicizing Culture / Shirley Bear
Images on Words
Women's Ceremony
Fragile Freedoms
17 Long Way From Home / Emma LaRocque
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