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Archeological Studies Along the Proposed Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline Route 
Year: 1973 
Series: Archaeology 
Call No: E99.E7C23 1973 
Comprehensive Land Claims Agreements of the Northwest Territories: Implications for Land and Water Management 
Year: 1994 
ISBN: 0919269443 
ISBN 13: 9780919269446 
Series: Land Rights 
Call No: KE7718.M84 
Education in the Canadian North Three Reports, 1971-1972 
Year: 1973 
Series: Education 
Call No: LA411.82.E385 
Eskimo Administration: I. Alaska 
Year: 1962 
Series: Inuit 
Call No: E99.E7.J52 v.1 
Eskimo Administration: II. Canada 
Year: 1964 
Series: Inuit 
Call No: E99.E7.J52 v.2 
Eskimo Administration: III. Labrador 
Volume: 3 
Year: 1965 
Series: Inuit 
Call No: E99.E7.J52 v.3 
Eskimo administration: IV. Greenland 
Volume: 4 
Year: 1967 
Series: Inuit 
Call No: E99.E7.J52 v.4 
Eskimo administration: V. Analysis and reflections 
Volume: 5 
Year: 1968 
Series: Inuit 
Call No: E99.E7.J52 v.5 
Gathering Strength 
Year: 1989 
ISBN: 0919034616 
ISBN 13: 9780919034617 
Series: Komatik 
Call No: E78.N79.A23 
Man in the North Technical Paper: Building in Northern Communities 1974 
Year: 1974 
Series: Urbanization 
Call No: TH26.C662 1973