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An intensive language course in Cree 
Edition: Third edition 
Year: 1986 
Awēnēn nīn? = [Who am I?] (Okinīns series, Saulteaux) [SRO] 
Year: 1985 
Call No: PM852.M22 A94 
awīna nīna? = [Who am I?] (Okinīs series, Swampy Cree) 
Year: 1994 
ISBN: 1551650061 
awīna nītha = [Who am I?] (Okinīs series, Woodland Cree) 
Year: 1994 
ISBN: 1551650053 
Awīna nīya = [who am I?] (Okinīs series, Plains Cree) 
Year: 1982 
Call No: PM987.M482 1982 
Chëlëkwaze łes t'éth Hëli = The bannock boy (K'áíla series, Dene) 
Year: 1994 
Series: Dene language 
Maduwe he? = [Who am I?] (Winona series, Nakota) 
Year: 1998 
Series: Nakoda language 
Nehiyaw nikamona 
Year: 1982 
Series: Cree language 
Nēhiyaw nikamona = Songs in Cree and English 
Edition: Plains Cree Revision 
Year: 1982 
Call No: M1669.C88 1982 
Nēhiyawētān : grade two, teacher's manual Cree 
Year: 1982 
Series: Cree language 
Call No: PM987.N31 T93