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A Bibliography of the Athapaskan Languages 
Year: 1974 
Series: Bibliography 
Call No: Z 7119. A9 P37 c. 1 aa 
A Detailed Inventory of the Barbeau Northwest Coast Files 
Year: 1985 
ISSN: 03161854 
Call No: E 78 B9 D683 c1  
A Practical Writing System and Short Dictionary of Kwakw'ala (Kwakiutl) 
Year: 1977 
Series: Kwakiutl 
Call No: PM 1641 Z5 G7 c1 
A Reference Grammar for the Coast Tsimshian Language 
Year: 1979 
Series: Language Development 
Call No: PM 831 D86 c1 
A Report on the Banting and Hussey Sites: Two Paleo-Indian Campsites in Simcoe County, Southern Ontario 
Year: 1979 
Series: Archaeology 
Call No: E78.O5 S853 
A Site Catchment Analysis of the Little Qualicum River Site, DiSc 1: A Wet Site on the East Coast of Vancouver Island, B.C. 
Year: 1983 
ISSN: 03161854 
Series: Archaeology 
Call No: E 78 B9 B46 c1 
Algonkians of Lake Nipigon: An Archaeological Survey 
Year: 1976 
Series: Archaeology 
Call No: E 99 A35 D35 c1 
An Archaeological Survey Between Cape Parry and Cambridge Bay, N.W.T., Canada in 1963 
Year: 1972 
Series: Archaeology 
Call No: E99.E7 T18  
An Ethnohistoric Study of Eastern James Bay Cree Social Organization, 1700-1850 
Year: 1983 
Series: Cree 
Call No: E99 C88 M67 c1 
An Ojibwa Lexicon 
Year: 1983 
Series: Ojibway 
Call No: PM 853 O44 c1